Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keeping it clean and tasteful

I have found the tooth paste and toothbrushes are some of those things that you can really get a good deal on with coupons, especially if you can double.  I have gotten some for FREE or as cheap as 25 cents by doing that.  These are the sort of things that it never hurts to stock up on.
  •  Click HERE for a link to Aqua Fresh printable coupons. 

Household products like soaps, cleaners, sprays, etc. are also the sort of thing that everyone  uses and buys.  When you can find a good sale and then can match a coupons to it, that's a bonus!
  •   Go HERE to head over to the Home Solutions website.  Click on SPECIAL OFFERS, then it will open up to the Coupons page.  From there you can click on Home Care, Surface Care, etc. Each tab will open up to several printable coupons.
  • HORMEL Product printable coupons HERE
      • Then click on Coupons & Promotions button.

  • Campbells....mmm, mmm, good printable coupons HERE at the Campells Kitchen Savings Solutions tab.  You'll find money saving recipes, too.  This is one of the sights where you should register so you can start receiving emails alerting you to coupons & savings.

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