Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Gas + $4 off $20 Purchase at CVS

Earn Free Gas at CVS
Details  HERE !

Sign-up for ExtraCare emails and get $4 off $20 instantly -
Details  HERE !

$5 off Kellogg's Products

Did you get your email last week with $5 off Kellogg's products?

<======= Click here.

You will need to log-in or register to print these.

Coupons.com - Watch for new coupons tomorrow - JUNE 1st

We all need to remember to check the Coupons.com link tomorrow to see if there are new coupons posted for the 1st day of June!  Be sure to come back to my blog tomorrow!  : )

Tuesday that feels like Monday: Links to coupons & samples and other offers.

Here are some links for products that you might want to check out.
Many products have their own Facebook pages where you can find coupons or enter contests and such. If you DO NOT see a link to coupons on a product’s FB page, click on their INFO tab and look for the actual company website.  You can often find coupons there.  Most have printable coupons, registrations for email clubs or coupons by mail, contests, or even samples.  You may have to search around their website, but look for PROMOTIONS, OFFERS, COUPON tabs.
Enjoy the search and the rewards you find,

~Printable Food Coupons~

Uncle Ben's Rice - 75 cents Off    LIKE on Facebook to print
Marzetti Slaw Dressing  $1 Off printable
Blue Diamond Almonds  50 cents Off printable   (sign-up for their emails or skip to the coupon)
Hey KOOL-AID !   LIKE on Facebook; Enter sweepstakes + 50 cents Off printable

  • click link,print, then you have to arrow back to get to the others.  Print 2 times each.
  • Get $1.00 off any variety of our  Farmers’ Harvest single-serve entrées.
  • Get $1.50 off any variety of our  FARMERS’ HARVEST family-size entrées.
  • Get $1.50 off any variety of our Stouffer’s  Sautés for Two
  • +  you can LIKE Stouffers on Facebooke HERE for other promotions
Sweet'n Low 35 cents off printable
Blue Bell Ice Cream  $1 Off Printable
Pepperidge Farms  News about various products & coupons.  Current coupon 55 cents off Goldfish Crackers
Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta  Enter contest and $1 off/2   printable coupon
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta  $1 off/2 printable coupon
Ronzoni Smart Tates Pasta  $1 off/2 printable coupon
Ball Park Franks  75 cents off/2 Ball Park Deli Style Franks and 55 cents off buns

~Other Product Printable Coupons~

OxiClean   Register, printable coupons:  $3 off > 1 Pretreater AND 1 Power, Paks, or Liquid; $0.50 off> 1 liquid, gel, power paks, OR pretreater
Neutrogena  click on save in store to print coupons on various products.
Reynolds Wrap  $1 of Parchment Paper, 75 cents off 18" Heavy Duty Foil, 75 cents off non-stick foil, $1 off slow cooker liners.
Dove Soap Products Sample by Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner (the coupon offers that popped up through this link today are showing 'no longer available'; perhaps they will renew or replace at first of the month keep checking.)
 $1 off Dove Beauty Bar printable (worked today 5/31/11) 
Finish Dishwashing Products  several different printable coupons


~Other offers: Facebook links, samples, & offers~

FreeFood – Arby's   Sign-up for Arby’s ‘survey group’ get a Free Roast Beef Sandwich Mr. Clean their site says $3 off Mr. Clean products, Click on 'save now' and it takes you to a sign-up page for Home Made Simple to get $35 in various products.
Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo SAMPLE   wait for page to load
Marzetti Downloadable Recipe Booklets  recipes for using various Marzetti products.
Kings Hawaiian Bread  says to watch for email in 48 hours for coupons.
Banana Boat sun care products  LIKE, take survey for donation to Skin Cancer Foundation, and enter daily prize contest.
Bounty Towels  LIKE, check out the $5 Friday info, as well as other offers on their page.
Nescafe SAMPLE  LIKE, Tasters Choice sample
Shout-it-Out SAMPLE  request of Shout Color Catcher free sample
Carefree Panty Liner SAMPLE  sample and coupon by mail  or you can also click "print $1 off coupon now"
Activia register for Active Challenge info
Armour Ekrich Coupon Club  says there are no offers available now; keep checking.  I printed off a coupon previously.
Bagel Bites Sign up for Bagel Bite News & Offers
Fandango Snacks   Pirate's Booty snack Pirates of Caribbean Contest
Wal-Mart Samples, Coupons, Offers link  Today it has: RevitaLens Starter Kit & case at Vision Center, and the Carefree Panty Liner sample listed above, and TENA Ultra Protection (bladder control pads) sample.  You shouuld BOOKMARK this page and check back perodically for the offers to change! J
Living Rich with Coupons  another blogger who lists good offers - this link goes to the If It’s For Free It’s For Me Friday


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coupon.com link to PRINTABLE COUPONS on my blog

Check it out!  I now have a link to Coupons.com for their Printable Coupons.  Look for this on the left hand side of my page.


Click the SEE ALL button to open up to go to all available coupons.  If you haven't already registered on Coupons.com, there is an option to do that when you click the
 by COUPONS.COM button.

I'm really excited to have this chance to share Coupons.com with you!

MommaBee   J


This was my first time to shop at Kroger in many years.  There’s not one in the town where I live, but 2 neighboring towns each have a Kroger so I had planned this trip to coincide with other activities in one town. (Save some gas - don't make an extra trp.) First off, I will admit that I had not done my ‘homework’ as well as I should & I was not really as ‘coupon ready’ as I should have been.  I’ve got to get my system fine tuned.  Yet, I still saved 59% on my bill.  I’m happy with that.  ALL for things my family will use.  We’re not hoarding a garage full of coupon gained ‘stuff’. 

By the time I made it to our local Fred’s Inc. store to double up to 70 cents coupons Saturday, their stock of stuff on my list  were pretty much cleaned out.  I only found 3 items that I wanted to use my coupons on, but I saved 38% and I’m OK with that. 
Uh-Oh . . .in another post I noted that there was a 25 cent Hunt’s coupon available & Fred’s had them on sale for $1.  I had 2 coupons and I thought I was going to get 2 bottles for 50 cents each.  When I was putting them in my cart I noticed those dreaded words on the coupon – DO NOT DOUBLE. Boo-hiss!  So I put them back.  I think Wal-Mart has them regularly priced for less than $1.  So, I’ll save those 2 coupons and check prices and ads this week.
My oldest daughter was with me on this shopping trip and she did really well, too.  She saved 60% at Kroger and 50% at Fred’s.  Good for her!  Besides our shopping trip, we also had lunch with my other daughter and it was a good “Girl’s Day Out” all together. 

Buzzing around looking for more ways to save money,


Coupon Saturday highlights:

Janet’s shopping – Totino’s Pizza Rolls $1.99 ea. – 2 X 50 off = $0.99 ea; Yoplait yogurt $0.58 – Free Cup coupon=FREE; Tetley Tea 2.29 – 2 x 50 off = $1.29; Mt. Olive Pickles $2.19 – 2 X 50 off = $1.19;  Axe Men’s Body Spray (my son’s favorite) $4.19 – BOGO coupon = 2 for $4.19; Old Spice Body Wash $3.49 – BOGO coupon = 2 for $3.49; StarKist tuna pouch $1.25 – $1 off  = $0.25; Mission Tortillas $1.00 – 2 X 50 off = FREE; HoneyBoy salmon $1.99 – 2 X 50 off = $0.99; French’s Spicy Mustard $1.49 – 2 X 50 off = $0.49; Lawry’s Marinades 2 @ $1.69 – 2 X 50 off = $0.69 each; and my daughter spotted this good buy for us: Glad 4pk. Small Storage Bowls on close-out price $1.89 each x 2 = $3.78 - $1.50 off 2 = $2.28 total or $1.14 ea. Pkg.

My Daughter's Trip to Kroger
(Kitty cat, McLovin, is checking out the bargains.)

Total before coupons $64.71 and total after coupons $25.53 for a savings of $39.18.  That's about 60% in savings! Kroger doubles up to $.50 and triples up $.35.
Daughter's trip to Fred's:  Total before coupons $15.01 and total after coupons $7.60 for a savings of $7.41. That's almost 50% in savings.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Before Your Memorial Weekend Starts....some coupons finds to checkout

I hope that you will have an enjoyable Memorial Holiday weekend.  My grandmother used to call it Decoration Day instead of Memorial Day, I guess because the day was always spent going from cemetery to cemetery to 'decorate' various family grave sites.  Others celebrate it as a memorial to veterans.  Whatever you are celebrating or how you do it, keep it safe and enjoy some time spent with your friends &friends.   But....before you head out for the weekend, you might want to check out some of these offers below.    Happy Friday, MommaBee

Click HERE to register to get $10 off coupons in the mail!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Samples in the Mail & just a few more thinks you might LIKE

Three (3) samples/freebies & 1 bill in the mail today. 
 Samples/freebies =  Great!      Bill = Bad!

Here are some links to Facebook pages for these products/vendors:     

Lance Crackers   HERE

ü  Click on the COUPONS tab
---$1 Off Cracker Creations
---$1 Off Lance Minis 10 Pack
---55cents off Lance Home Pack

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs    HERE

ü  Click on the Hot Dogs Taste-a-Monials tab
---75cents Off OM Selects Hot Dogs

Folgers Coffee   Here

ü  If you go to the tabs on the left hand side of page, click MORE and look for FOLGERS SAMPLE.  Right now it says they are out of samples, but to keep checking.
  ****Actually I got a sample in the mail today (5/26/11).  Must have been from earlier attempt.
Mrs. Bairds Bread ---try to win FREE Bread for a Year    HERE

ü  Click on PROMOTIONS tab.  Had to go through several clicks, retry, and allows to get the entry complete.

Solo Cups----Like them  HERE

ü  You can LIKE them, but the coupons are at the sites below:
Solo  BARE cups, plates, or bowls  75 cents off printable coupon HERE

Solo  Any one cups, plates, or bowls 75 cents off printable coupon HERE


New coupons and giveaways to watch out for!

Click LOGO to get to Swiffer Facebook page
Swiffer   We just ran out for the day, but don't fear! We will be giving out 12,500 more Dusters Thursday evening (5/26) :) Stay tuned to our status updates to learn how to register for your own free Swiffer 360 Dusters Starter Kit. Happy Swiffering!
Kraft Good Eating Good Living

CLICK abot to find coupons at Family Dollar

Click on the bar
Check out the Zone Perfect on Like & register to get free bar + $1 off coupon via mail

register for FREE cup of yogurt coupon by mail


 LIKE  on Facebook & get 75C off printable coupon


Hunts Catsup!   Or is it Kethcup?

 Printable Coupon

NOW I can't see this coupon at Smart Source!  :(  Other sites are now saying its gone.  :(
Maybe you can keep trying with other zip codes? I swear it was there this morning!
So, I also I went to the Hunt's Ketchup website & registered for ReadySetEat™ Coupons & Offers. Maybe I'll get an email or mail coupon.
 at Fred’s, Inc. so double on Saturday >  $1 – (2X25)= 50 cents final price!
Final Price= 50 cents ~~~~ Now that's a good deal!

CLICK above to keep checking their FB page for more chances!

LIKE      BRILLO        Looks like there is nothing click to enter, just like them and you are entered in the contest.  For more info about the contest, click on the picture, like the one above, at the  top of their Facebook Page.   

CLICK above to register.
Click on their Coupons tab, too. 


  Join Club Chinet – get a $1 off any item printable coupon

 Looking for MORE coupons?  Try this . . .Coupon Database and more at

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Teething?

Here's another item for you new moms or moms to "bee" : ) Check out this blog for a review of the product and a chance to win a $100 Babies R Us gift card. That can always come in handy!

If you want more information about Baby Orajel Naturals AND a $1 OFF Coupon.
Click here to go to the Orajel website:

Going broke at the gas pump?

Going broke at the gas pump?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Attention moms to "bee" or new moms

Diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food are just 4 of the things you may be spending a lot of money on now or in the future, so anytime you can get a sample or use a coupon can be a real help to your family's budget.  Here are just a few places you might want to check out:

Click here to get infant formula samples, coupons, and parenting advice.
 Gerber/Nestle Healthy Start coupons & news.
 = = = = >

Posted before ----Parent's Choice Formula Sample  

Member's Mark Formula Sample

Huggies Promotions Page


Be sure to check out these slides on the promotions page for link to PRINTABLE COUPONS

BOGO for Lean Pockets ! ! ! !

Like Lean Pockets?  Then go 'Like' them on Facebook and get your Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon for Lean Pockets.   Ohhh yehhhh!

Click HERE for this offer  

Keeping it clean and tasteful

I have found the tooth paste and toothbrushes are some of those things that you can really get a good deal on with coupons, especially if you can double.  I have gotten some for FREE or as cheap as 25 cents by doing that.  These are the sort of things that it never hurts to stock up on.
  •  Click HERE for a link to Aqua Fresh printable coupons. 

Household products like soaps, cleaners, sprays, etc. are also the sort of thing that everyone  uses and buys.  When you can find a good sale and then can match a coupons to it, that's a bonus!
  •   Go HERE to head over to the Home Solutions website.  Click on SPECIAL OFFERS, then it will open up to the Coupons page.  From there you can click on Home Care, Surface Care, etc. Each tab will open up to several printable coupons.
  • HORMEL Product printable coupons HERE
      • Then click on Coupons & Promotions button.

  • Campbells....mmm, mmm, good printable coupons HERE at the Campells Kitchen Savings Solutions tab.  You'll find money saving recipes, too.  This is one of the sights where you should register so you can start receiving emails alerting you to coupons & savings.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Start Sampling - website for samples and coupons

Found this website with links to samples and another way to print coupons from Coupons.com
Click Here.

Baby Formula sample

For those of you with babies, here's a link to request a sample of Parent's Choice Formula

Click on BABY FORMULA to take you to the link

Advil Coupons and so many more

Here's a link that gives you an opportunity to print out lots of different health care products from Pfizer:
Advil, Dimetapp, Alevert, vitamins, etc.

Click Here 
Now, I will admit that I had to work hard to get this to print...make sure you pop up block is off and it didn't print automatically.  I had to click the print tab on my tool bar?  Try it and see if they work for you.

Found the HONEY of a deal!

Sue Bee Honey Coupon = 55cents off!   Click HERE  then click the coupons tab

Yes, there are birds chirping on the website!

Huggies Sample from Sam's Club

You need to be a member to request samples from Sam's Club (you have to enter your member ID on the request form).
This sample is for Huggies Wipes (you have to use the arrow button to go through baby product ads to get to the sample link): Click HERE

Betty Crocker coupons

Click HERE
 I'm going to check our local Fred's Inc. store to see if they carry Suddenly Salad so I can double this coupon on Saturday! :)

Other coupons available from BettyCrocker.com  - click HERE

I also just noticed this statement below the printable coupons, where the 'No longer available' coupons are: 
We're all out of these coupons!What's this?
Hurry back on the first business day of each month for new coupons.

Cool!  Will have to remember to come back to see Betty on June 1st!  :)

2 Freebies in the Mail 2day!

I got 2 freebies in the mailbox today:

  • Coupon for free Yoplait Yogurt   

  • Sample Glad Bag from Sam's Club

Gimme my Little Debbie Cakes!

Little Debbie Cakes....little, sweet, inexpensive treats.  What can be better?  A coupon, what elese?!?!

If you can't find the coupon after you 'Like' Little Debbie, then look for this post on their page:

Win Pizza for a Year

Pizza Hut is my FAVORITE pizza!  I love thin crust pizza and the Hut does it best.  If you 'Like' Pizza Hut, too (on Facebook), you can enter for a chance to win Pizza Hut for a year or a $50 Pizza Hut Gift Card.

Click HERE to head over to enter the Pizza Hut Lover's Lover Sweepstakes.  You get to vote for your favorite Lover's Pizza AND post what you love about it.

I really wish I was eating some Pizza Hut pizza right now, instead of my tuna sandwich!

Oxydol...its the SMELL that 'hooked' me!

I was so excited to find that Dollar General sells Oxydol...the laundry detergent that my mom used when I was a kid way back in the 50's & 60's.  The smell, or should I say the fragrance, takes me back in time AND it is really good detergent. 

You can get a $1 coupon for Oxydol HERE at their website by clicking on the GET COUPON tab.

Now I already printed my limit of $1 off coupons at their site and sure hope I find some more somewhere else soon.  Even without the coupon the price of $5 at Dollar General is a good value., BUT I love coupons for the stuff that I would buy even without a coupon. : )

Ads on my Blog

I want to let you all know that the advertisements which show up on my blog (or probably any one's  blog for that matter) are not chosen and placed there by me.  These are placed by AdSense, which is a service offered by Google.  While they should reflect interests similar to what I post (couponing, specific brand names, etc.) there might be something that shows up which I would not necessarily endorse.  All that is to say that I am not personally promoting any ad you might see on my blog and may not necessarily agree with what is being promoted.  

That's my DISCLAIMER for the day.  : )

For You Cat owners - $2 Tidy Cat Litter Coupon

I am a dog owner; Cooper dog is his name. I used to have a cat several years ago so I know that a $2 coupon for kitty litter is going to be helpful for purchasing this necessity.  Head on over to the Tidy Cat Facebook page, 'Like' it and print out your coupon HERE.

Lance Snack Crackers Coupons

"Like" Lance Snacks on Facebook then go to their Coupons tab to print these coupons:  (you may have to wait a few seconds and/or refresh before these pop up)

I was able to print out the top 2, but their Facebook status says that they are trying to get the 55 cent coupon to print.  Guess we can keep trying.

ALSO. . . .I went to this webpage for the Cracker Creations and was able to print out the $1 off coupon again HERE.You can also sign up for their "Cracker Connection" newsletter .

Love, love, love Paula Deen!

Love Paula Deen on Food Network and online.  Today she posted a link on Facebook to get a FREE trial issue of her magazine.  Click HERE to pull up the form to fill out.  : )

Paula Deen + FREE . . . now that's what I'm talking about!

Rayovac Battery Special Deals

Click HERE to find about how to get FREE "Cars 2" Hollywood Tickets.

Also LIKE Rayovac Batteries on Facebook and get a link to print out several Rayovac coupons.  (I've heard from other couponing sources that these coupons can = to FREE batteries at some retailers and  FREE is GOOD!) 
$1 off Alkaline
$3 off Rechargeables
$1 off 9V Lithium
$1 off Hearing Aid Batteries

Scott Brand coupons and try to win a car!

Here's a link to enter a contest for a Ford Fusion hybrid and get 4 coupons from Scott Naturals - click HERE

Free Sample from Sam's Club - FiberChoice

If you are a Sam's Club member, you can sign-up for this FREE sample of FiberChoice HERE

Kids Eat Free at Chili's on May 24 - get your coupon

Mom & Dad - treat yourself to dinner at Chili's tomorrow and kids eat FREE. 

I joined their email club and received the email today.  So, go sign-up today by 'Liking' Chili's on Facebook and click on the "Join Our E-mail Club' tab or click HERE

 Here's a link to 'share' the coupon with a friend.  CLICK

YOGURT, YOGURT get some yogurt!

I really enjoy including yogurt in my daily diet.  My favorites are Yoplait strawberry/banana and harvest peach, but Wal-Mart's Great Value strawberry banana is really good at a good price.  I recently discovered  yummy LaLa Yogurt Smoothies via some BOGO* coupons.  (In the area where I live I could only find this brand at Wal-Mart, but is probably available at other stores.)

Want a FREE cup of Yoplait?  Go HERE

Found the LaLa Yogurt Smoothies BOGO coupon, again HERE.(had to enter zip 77339, then it is on pg. 10)

Enjoy your yogurt,
MommaBee Daisy

*BOGO=Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

I Love Jiffy Mix!

I love Jiffy Mix products.  My family's favorite is the cornbread.   We like our cornbread sweet and that's the way Jiffy makes it.  Their products are inexpensive, but good quality.  I remember learning to bake cakes with the little boxes of Jiffy Cake Mix many, many years ago.  They also make muffin mixes.

If you want to receive a FREE cookbook from Jiffy click HERE

Happy Monday from MommaBee Daisy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dollar General Store buys on 5/21/11

Sure wish Dollar General doubled coupons, but they have good prices on most things.
This is what I got yesterday for $8.02:
Hungry Jack Pancake Pouch $1 - 25 cents = 75 cents cost; Hormel Kids Complete $1.75 - 75 cents=$1 cost; Hormel Chili with Beans $1.50 - 50 cents = $1; Stride Gum 3 @ $1 ea. = $3 - $1 off/3= $2 total cost; Kraft Dressing - sign said sale price $2 each, but range up $1.67 ea = $3.34 - $1 off 2 = $2.67 total cost; French's Mustard $1 - 30 cents = $0.60 cost.

Again, all things we use and 9 things for $8.02 is still a good deal.  Well 9 free things would be even better, but I'm not that good...yet!

Anyone else have some bargain shopping trips to share?  Momma Bee Daisy is always looking for more ways to save!  : )

Fred's Inc. Store Buys on 5/21/2011

OK, now I told you that I am NOT an extreme couponer and don't claim to be an expert at this, but I'm learning and working on it.  Yesterday, I went to our local Fred's store because they double coupons up to 70 cents on Saturdays.  Here is what I got for $5.65 (including tax):

Suave Body Wash $2 - (2 X 50 cents off)= $1 cost, Lawry's Seasoning salt $1.99-(2 X 50)= $0.99 cost, Hormel Kid's Complete meal $1.75 - 75 cents off = $1 cost, Chex Mix 2 using 2 coupons: $2 ea. - (2 X 50) = $1 cost ea., Duncan Hines Snack Size Brownies $1 - (2 X 50) = FREE, Sunny D Juice $1- (2 X 25) = 50 cents cost.

All things we will use and I think 7 items for $5.65 is a good deal.

Happy Couponing from Mamma Bee Daisy

Purex with Zout Coupon and Sample

I got my free sample and $1 coupon in the mail last week from Purex.

go here http://www.freesamplepurex.com/thankyou/
to see if you can get one or both.  Currently it says "out of samples."  Click on the link for "get coupon instead."  If you don't get a sample, you will at least get a good coupon. 

Happy laundry day from Mamma Bee Daisy!

Grilling Time Coupons at Red Plum

In honor of the new grill that my son gave me for Mother's Day and assembled today
I went searching for some grilling coupons.  I found some at

Bar-S Hot Dogs, Best Made Pickles, Heft Plates & Cups, OFF/Cutter Bug Repellent, etc.  These look like some good coupons.  However, when I clicked to print the coupons I chose nothing happened.  Then I went back and clicked "select all to print."  Then I got a message that I had 'reached user limit' on the ones I really wanted and it only printed the ones I didn't really want.  So, I would suggest that you try choosing just one coupon first, to test to see if it prints.  If it works, go back and try the others.  I hope you won't be disappointed like me that I didn't get the coupons I really wanted.

I also posted links to these on my Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100002377818542&sk=wall

Mamma Bee Daisy is sad. : (

StarKist Tuna Coupon

Yesterday, I went to https://www.starkist.com/user/register and registered to "Join" the StarKist community.  Then I got a confirmation email*** that said:

After confirmation, I clicked to get my coupon.  It is for 50 cents off an 1 StarKist Pouch Product.  I plan to see if my local 'Fred's, Inc.' store carries this product because I can DOUBLE my coupon there on Saturdays!

****Note:  In case you haven't already done so, you should set up a 'junk mail' - couponing email, separate than you personal email, for registering for all websites, coupons, sweepstakes, etc.  This way you won't fill up your personal email with SPAM and all your couping/bargain emails.  : )

My Summer Vacation

Well, my summer break from work has begun. Hooray! "Free" until August 15th.   This is the first summer since about 2003 that I have not been a student; 'non-traditional' that is.  I finally completed my Bachelor's Degree in August 2010 ~ 36 years after first beginning a college career. It was a personal goal that I worked very hard to achieve and am so glad is completed at last!

I am really looking forward to this time to rest and relax this summer of 2011.  Yet, here I go starting a blog and jumping into all that involves.  I really don't know what I am doing; just following the template and example of others.   I have always been a bargain hunter and used to be a very devoted 'couponer'.  I  still love to find a bargain, a great sale, a freebie, and such.  Plus, the need to save money and be budget conscious has not gone away and is daily becoming more of a necessity.  The couponing bug as bitten me again. I have been searching, blog reading, Facebook 'Liking', cutting, and printing away recently. 

Note:  I have only seen a short portion of one episode of 'Extreme Couponing,' so I really am not following any example or plan they might be promoting.  However, I do enjoy finding a great deal, with or without coupons.  I enjoy finding information about coupons, samples, giveaways, and sweepstakes on other blogs and on Facebook.  I also like sharing some of the 'deals' I find, too. 

My plan for this blog is to tell you about some of the 'deals' that I find.  I hope you will be able to use the information I post to find some bargains, coupons, samples, freebies, and links to useful sites.

I really do plan to do something other than blogging  this summer ~ a little bit of bargain/thrift shop/garage sale shopping, read some just for fun books (no textbooks!), plant more flowers in my yard & patio area, watch some craft & cooking shows on my newest favorite channel- Create TV on PBS, do some craft & sewing projects, travel very little since gas is so expensive, and relax, relax, relax!

Momma Bee Daisy is off to get bizzy at my Summer Vacation!