Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Summer Vacation

Well, my summer break from work has begun. Hooray! "Free" until August 15th.   This is the first summer since about 2003 that I have not been a student; 'non-traditional' that is.  I finally completed my Bachelor's Degree in August 2010 ~ 36 years after first beginning a college career. It was a personal goal that I worked very hard to achieve and am so glad is completed at last!

I am really looking forward to this time to rest and relax this summer of 2011.  Yet, here I go starting a blog and jumping into all that involves.  I really don't know what I am doing; just following the template and example of others.   I have always been a bargain hunter and used to be a very devoted 'couponer'.  I  still love to find a bargain, a great sale, a freebie, and such.  Plus, the need to save money and be budget conscious has not gone away and is daily becoming more of a necessity.  The couponing bug as bitten me again. I have been searching, blog reading, Facebook 'Liking', cutting, and printing away recently. 

Note:  I have only seen a short portion of one episode of 'Extreme Couponing,' so I really am not following any example or plan they might be promoting.  However, I do enjoy finding a great deal, with or without coupons.  I enjoy finding information about coupons, samples, giveaways, and sweepstakes on other blogs and on Facebook.  I also like sharing some of the 'deals' I find, too. 

My plan for this blog is to tell you about some of the 'deals' that I find.  I hope you will be able to use the information I post to find some bargains, coupons, samples, freebies, and links to useful sites.

I really do plan to do something other than blogging  this summer ~ a little bit of bargain/thrift shop/garage sale shopping, read some just for fun books (no textbooks!), plant more flowers in my yard & patio area, watch some craft & cooking shows on my newest favorite channel- Create TV on PBS, do some craft & sewing projects, travel very little since gas is so expensive, and relax, relax, relax!

Momma Bee Daisy is off to get bizzy at my Summer Vacation!

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