Thursday, May 26, 2011

Samples in the Mail & just a few more thinks you might LIKE

Three (3) samples/freebies & 1 bill in the mail today. 
 Samples/freebies =  Great!      Bill = Bad!

Here are some links to Facebook pages for these products/vendors:     

Lance Crackers   HERE

ü  Click on the COUPONS tab
---$1 Off Cracker Creations
---$1 Off Lance Minis 10 Pack
---55cents off Lance Home Pack

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs    HERE

ü  Click on the Hot Dogs Taste-a-Monials tab
---75cents Off OM Selects Hot Dogs

Folgers Coffee   Here

ü  If you go to the tabs on the left hand side of page, click MORE and look for FOLGERS SAMPLE.  Right now it says they are out of samples, but to keep checking.
  ****Actually I got a sample in the mail today (5/26/11).  Must have been from earlier attempt.
Mrs. Bairds Bread ---try to win FREE Bread for a Year    HERE

ü  Click on PROMOTIONS tab.  Had to go through several clicks, retry, and allows to get the entry complete.

Solo Cups----Like them  HERE

ü  You can LIKE them, but the coupons are at the sites below:
Solo  BARE cups, plates, or bowls  75 cents off printable coupon HERE

Solo  Any one cups, plates, or bowls 75 cents off printable coupon HERE


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