Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going broke at the gas pump?

Going broke at the gas pump?
Click on the logos below to go to the links! Maybe you can find a discount or "best deal" at one of these.

Kroger Fuel discounts info                                                        

Exxon Mobil SpeedPass info

Murphy USA-----your Wal-Mart gas stations.  Click HERE to sign-up for Murph-e Offers.  I signed-up for text and mail offers.  I immediately got a text asking for my zip; replied and got a text for FREE can of Red Strike Energy Drink (use web link for coupon or code @cashier).

MapQuest Gas Finder.   Useful, but it didn't actually show the 2 places that I usually purchase gas where I live; Brookshires & Wal-Mart. HOWEVER, I can see the other stations in town and I know that they are always higher than the 2 places I frequent. . . . .Enter your Zip Code for listing of local gas prices at the website OR if you have one of those cell phones that utilizes Apps, you can get that here.  I 'joined' and it shows ways you can get points to be eligible for weekly drawings for $250 Prepaid Gas card.  You can also become a Fan on Facebook.

Sam's Club Fuel...look for this link on the web page, if you are planning a trip.  IF you are a member and IF you live near a club, then this is often the cheapest gas in town.

Conoco........'Hottest Brand Going' - who remembers that jingle?  Well, maybe just me because I grew up in a or the Conoco town (remembering the distinctive refinery smell); my dad, grandfathers, uncles, etc. all retired from Conoco. 

Love's....closest one to me is about 25 miles away, but they generally have the cheapest gas wherever they're located. (Or at least that's been my experience when ever I have lived or traveled where ever they are located.) They have a Daily Fuel Price function on their website, for prices at their locations, which can be helpful.

Holiday StationStores....I don't know this brand, but website says they are located in Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North & South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Speedway(Standard America)....again looks like these are "up north"

*DISCLAIMER: I am NOT promoting a any particular brand of gasoline or distributor. Simply guiding you to links to possible savings!

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