Sunday, June 5, 2011

Watch out for Missing Coupons!

I made a trip to the world of W-M today with a stack of coupons.  I was watching my total decrease as the cashier scanned my coupons; all the while thinking, "I thought my total was going to be cheaper."  Of course, there was a big line behind me and when I told the cashier, "I don't think all my coupons came off the total," I could feel the glare of death rays coming from the people in line behind me.  So I just said, "Oh maybe I dropped them."  I stepped away from the register and looked closely at the receipt, only to discover I'm right; not all the coupon amounts were on my ticket.  I knew for sure because I had 2 that were 55 cents and there were no 55 cent deductions, plus I know those were in my hand when I gave them to the cashier.  Just to make sure I quickly backtracked to some of the last areas of the store I had been in, but found no coupons on the ground.  Ah-hah! I was even more convinced those coupons just didn't scan or weren't scanned. 

So, off I trot to the service desk where I explain the situation.  Unfortunately the 'customer service' at my local W-M tends to be less than 'customer friendly, so I wasn't expecting a positive response....BUT....the young lady could not have been more helpful.  We looked over the ticket and I told her which coupons I thought had not scanned, then she wrote down them down.  Next she went to the register where I had checked out, patiently waited for the cashier to finish with another customer, and then she looked in the register draw for my missing coupons.  Wah-lah!  There they were!!!  She came back to the service desk, scanned them (so I know the bar code did word), and she pleasantly refunded my money ~ $4.50.  Thank you!  When the head CSR person came to approve the refund, I complimented the young lady's helpfulness and thanked her, again.

Now I'm not saying that the cashier purposely didn't scan them, but I think she was just scanning them so quickly AND she was a very chatty women with all her customers, so I think she just didn't hear that they didn't beep as she scanned them.  Ultimately, what I'm saying is just "be alert" and do not be afraid to speak up. A savings of $4.50 is significant for me and I would not want anyone to miss out on any savings to which you are entitled.

Happy couponing! 

Momma Bee

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